About the International Golf Fitness & Nutrition Association


USGTF member Michael Brantl, who has 25 years of experience in the fitness field, has designed the online learning and certification program for the association, which is available to all USGTF, WGTF and WGCA members who have an interest in fitness and nutrition for golf.

Do your players struggle to improve even though your lessons and their practice seem to be productive?
Are you at an impasse when it comes to understanding the biomechanics of golf and the human body?
Is your working knowledge of fitness as it relates to golf a mystery to you and your students?
Is there a missing piece to your teaching resume and background that would take your teaching and coaching to the next level?
Do you desire and your students desire to be fit, shoot lower scores, and reduce the risk of injury?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then we have the program for you: The International Golf Fitness and Nutrition Online Course

By registering and completing this course you will:

  1. Become a Certified Golf Fitness Expert by gaining a better understanding of Fitness and Nutrition in the convenience of your own home.
  2. Learn the fitness secrets of Tour professionals worldwide and apply that knowledge to players of all ages and skill levels.
  3. Teach your students how to Increase Distance, Improve Accuracy and Consistency, and play Injury Free with safe and effective Golf Fitness Programming.
  4. Gain a competitive advantage over other teachers.

This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about golf fitness and much more. By taking this course and passing the exam at the end of section you will have a better understanding and mastery of the following:

Excellent working knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology as it relates to golf and golf fitness. Learn the language of Golf Fitness and Exercise Science, and how to easily integrate in your teaching.

Learn why your students move the way they do, and how Range of Motion is heavily influenced and intertwined to the Anatomical Structure of the skeleton. Use these concepts to base your teaching on the body of the student so they are able improve both golf performance and fitness.

Enhance your teaching terminology and golf body awareness through utilization of the Stability/Mobility Functional Movement Pattern – the model widely accepted in golf fitness and the general fitness communities of efficient human movement.

Learn the principles of Exercise Science, Skeletal Design, Kinesiology; and an outstanding, practical overview of all the major muscle groups and their role in the golf swing.

Learn all the different components of Golf Fitness:

  •                                 Proper Posture and Breathing
  •                                 Cardiovascular Endurance
  •                                 Mobility/Flexibility
  •                                 Stability/Balance
  •                                 Muscular Strength and Endurance
  •                                 Agility/Coordination
  •                                 Core Connection and Awareness
  •                                 Rotational Torque and Strength
  •                                 Speed/Power

Provide your students and players with Practical Assessments you can do right on the range, and other simple screens you can do in the gym or locker room. Apply the results of your Assessments to your methodology of teaching on an individual basis to accelerate the learning curve.

Understand and apply the Training Model and Proper Exercise progressions and programming. Help your students create a seasonal approach to their fitness that will maximize their performance on and off the course.

Learn the Essentials of Resistance Training and the Major Exercises within each component of Golf Fitness.

Put it all together with a greater working knowledge of Hydration and Nutrition. Use a comprehensive approach of Nutrition, understanding of Macronutrients, and Nutritional Timing so your student’s workouts, practice sessions, and tournament play are fully supported by how they hydrate and fuel their bodies.

“I believe the most important piece of equipment we bring to the golf course as a player, a student, or as a teacher or coach of golf, is our body.  I also believe that within the unique scope of your discipline and practice anyone who educates the public on movement – trainers, golf instructors and golf coaches, and coaches of various sports should understand as much as they can about biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. As a movement educator and facilitator of fitness/exercise, and now a golf coach; it is in my best interest to understand the body as thoroughly as possible. Anatomy and physiology has been a passion and serious subject of study in the 25 years I have worked in the fitness field. I pride myself on understanding anatomical principlesin a practical way, and that is what I aim to pass onto you in the program.” ~ Michael Brantl