Today’s golf coaches and teachers need to know more than just how to find swing flaws and fix them. A complete holistic approach to the game is necessary for the modern serious competitor, which includes staying healthy and performing physically at an optimum level. With this in mind, the USGTF is proud to introduce the Golf Fitness & Nutrition Association.

Golf is a sport. Golfers of all abilities are athletes. Athletes need to maximize their physical body’s readiness for their specific sporting endeavor. Golfers need to train correctly; both on the course and in the gym to maximize their performance levels. There is no doubt that fitness is a huge part of golf today, and it is here to stay. So; as a teacher or a coach; a practical, knowledgeable understanding of how fitness works and should be approached for the player is essential. The utilization of a team approach in player development and performance – the teacher, the trainer, the soft tissue expert, and the mental coach is utilized to provide the player the opportunity for peak performance. Look around the globe at any tour, on any level, and you will see the application and results of this approach.